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Free Trial on Outsourcing Services?

Updated: Sep 22

OUTSOURCING TO THE PHILIPPINES is cheap, but it isn't as seamless as marketers would like companies to believe. So, why don't many outsourcing firms offer a free trial as we do with our virtual assistants and back-office services?

Google "free trial on outsourcing" or "free trial for BPO services". You will get very few results. There are thousands of outsourcing companies worldwide and almost a thousand BPO companies in the Philippines alone, but why so few of them offer a free trial of their talents?


Engaging a prospective contractor is a daunting task. On one hand, companies need all the help they can get especially if it makes economic sense. On the other hand, the person on the other end is also someone who needs an income and would certainly appreciate a long-term relationship with a paying client.

This is one reason why a free trial is rarely offered by outsourcing companies. There is the emotional toll of rejecting a contractor who has already devoted a few days or even weeks of his life fulfilling your requirements.

Is It Long Enough?

Trying out a contractor for free has two considerations: how long does it take before one can decide if the contractor fits the role and how long is the contractor willing to work without payment.

We don't have the numbers, but Virtual Champs Global can absorb at least one of the considerations. By leveraging our management team we've found a way to fulfil the salary requirements of someone on a trial period. In addition, our managers will also work hard to reduce the trial/assessment period by communicating frequently with the client. The result is a free trial period that is more often than not short and conclusive.

Can I Trust You?

If someone is offering a risk-free-trial anything, can he be trusted? It sounds counter-intuitive for a business practice that is designed to make the question of TRUST moot. Blame this on Internet scammers, but we understand. With that said, we give a simple answer: we communicate.

You're Always In Control

As a policy, we always give our partners leeway on the amount of control he may deem appropriate. During the initial phone calls, we minimize the sales pitch, allowing the customer to be on the driver's seat. We know you think outsourcing to the Philippines is a good idea, but we also know that every company has a unique approach to outsourcing.

We yield to our partner's approach and allow the most comfortable set up to the partner.

How to Get a Free Trial?

First, contact us with a clear statement that you wish to engage our free trial offer. We have back-office services and virtual assistants ready to go. Second, it's all up to you. Ask us every question in your mind. Hit us with ideas. Negotiate with us for your desired length of the trial period. We understand that you want the best results, and we are eager to deliver.

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