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End To End

We got you covered from pre-sales to post-sales and everything in between.


Anchored in our Filipino values and strong family culture, our services are never without care and compassion.


Our tailored-fit services ensure high quality customer experience, giving additional value to your company.

360 Degree

We listen and we take actions. Ensuring that every stakeholder is heard creates an atmosphere of transparency and trust.

Strong Leadership

Driven by passionate and committed leaders ready to take on new challenges that comes our way.




Virtual Champs Global is a full-service outsourcing company based in General Santos City, Philippines. We have championed the art and science of outsourcing services that has fuelled our growth and success in the global industry. VCG combines a data-driven, streamlined approach with knowledge and skills gained from years of experience in the service industry to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We may be far from the metro but our services’ quality are at par with industry giants for a fraction of the cost; a true “value for money”.



Our capacity and approach allows VCG to provide end-to-end solutions to potential service needs. We take advantage of the opportunities that the 4th industrial revolution has to offer across a variety of channels in real-time without compromising service quality. Our services will allow our customers to focus on their business strategies and on what they do best. We combine innovative technology-enabled platforms with genuine human interaction to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.



VCG Cares: Virtual Champs Global is a community who builds relationships. We value our employees as much as we value our clients. VCG takes pride in the growth of every individual, in skills and as a total person. Our culture transcends from the management down to the moral fibre our people which radiates to every customer. We love what we do and we have fun doing it that is why at Virtual Champs Global, every customer interaction is both a learning experience and an opportunity to build relationships.


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“Working with Virtual Champs Global has been great.  Our assistant Anne has been incredibly professional and was able to quickly pick on the tasks we needed her to complete.  She has been on our team for many months now and we expect her to stay on for the indefinite future.  Our efficiency has increased exponentially with her on our team.  We could not recommend Virtual Champs more!”

— Stephen Caceda, Sales Manager MCM Capital Solutions

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